Karin & Anna

These beautiful girls were a dream to photograph!  Such a sweet mother and daughter relationship that makes my job way too easy. We went to this hill that I love photographing families at because kids are able to explore.

When we started into photography I was terrified of photographing families.  I could shoot a wedding any day and it didn’t make me nervous, but knowing I had a family session I would be stressed for a week planning what I was going to do and how I could make it a good experience for the family.  I had so many expectations on myself on how the photos needed to look.  Eventually I realized that the images I really wanted to capture were those that showed movement, emotion and most of all real life.  I want to see beautiful faces and smiles but I don’t have to make a child sit and stare at me for an hour to get that.  Instead kids can run and play and we want to run around with them to get those real moments.

Mike has always been a natural at photographing families because he is a big kid at heart.  He was always the one running around and playing to get those fun images and when we got our film back I would say,”how did you get that?”  I would be looking at the location, planning the next pose and talking to the parents.  Now I get it, and family shoots are the highlight of my week.

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