This was an amazing and emotional year.  We had a baby girl after trying to have a baby for 8 years and she came four months early.  Before she was born we shot weddings all over the world while I was pregnant and looking back this year feels like a blur. We are so happy with what we accomplished this year. Now that we are past all the madness of practically living in a hospital for months and are able to refocus on our family and our business we are so excited for 2017.  Here is just a small collection of some images we took this year.  Some are sneak peeks of what is to come because we are unable to show the entire shoot yet.  We love what we do and are so touched by the community we are a part of and how supportive people have been this year.  We want to thank everyone and anyone who said a prayer or thought of our family.  We truly appreciate it and we feel so happy that our little girl is so loved.



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