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Luke & Abigail | Salt Flats

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Salt Flats Wedding Photos

Luke and Abigail were so much fun to work with and I loved their style.  The salt flats near the Salt Lake can be plagued with mosquitos and they were cool enough to drive out there the day before the shoot to make sure it was clear of bugs.  This can make doing a bride and groom shoot at the Salt Flats difficult but Luke and Abigail are the best! It makes our job so easy when working with such a relaxed and natural couple.

The Salt Flats is such a stunning and minimal location.  Shooting in a location like this we have to go into the shoot with a vision and lots of ideas for direction. There is no changing to a new spot or really working with the environment.  It is like directing a couple standing against a white backdrop.  This is not a problem for us and is actually really fun because we have the ability to stay in one spot and flow through lots of ideas and moments. We love how their romantic images turned out.

Floral By The Potted Pansy | Wedding Dress The Perfect Dress


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