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Getting Married in the Redwoods

Getting Married in the Redwoods

Redwood forests in Northern California are some of our favorite places to photograph.  Airports are easily accessible and we can easily be in picturesque locations with such a short trip. There are also many locations to choose from.  Whether you are eloping in the forest or celebrating with a large bash, there are venues and locations to fit your needs. We are sharing some of our favorite Redwood forest wedding photos and some tips if you are planning a wedding in the forest.

redwood forest wedding planning tips

Giant Sequoia or Coast Redwood

They are very different trees even though people tend to get them confused. The difference between the two is easy though.

Giant Sequoia are tall but can be very wide. Giant Sequoias are found in over 70 locations in Northern California including Sequoia National Forest and Yosemite. California Coast Redwoods are slender and the tallest trees on earth. Coast Redwoods are found near the coast in northern California and Oregon.

We have photographed weddings in both and both are beautiful.  It is up to you whether one is more desirable to you.

best time of day for redwood wedding

Time of Day to Take Photos in the Redwoods

Photographing people in a redwood forest is different than most other locations because the trees block so much light. As a film shooter this makes a big difference because film loves light and lots of it.  Schedule your portraits a few hours before sunset so to have enough light. That way if it happens to be a rainy or foggy day we time to work with you without stressing over loosing sunlight. Rain is not the end of the world, and we have photographed many rainy weddings. Rain can slow things down so it is important to have a padded timeline incase of unexpected weather.

We have never done a sunrise shoot in the redwoods because there is higher possibility for heavy fog.

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What to expect when getting married in a redwood forest and how to get the best photos.

If you are photographing at a location which is not a wedding venue you may have a little bit of a hike to get to the ideal location. It is unlikely you will park the car and the most gorgeous redwood with the most scenic surroundings is right in front of you.  Plus if it is, then most likely 50 other people are there with you.  We love finding secluded locations to photograph our clients. This way we don’t have an audience or are waiting in line to take a photo. This lends to a more romantic and relaxed day.

Planning a wedding in the redwood forest

To get the best photos, and this goes for weddings anywhere, choose a photographer whose work you connect with and you trust. We are always excited to return to locations and visit new locations when we are working with clients who trust us. It is motivating to be at our creative best and produce images we are all excited about.  Talk to us about any must have shots or ideas you may be dreaming about.  Those ideas may require us to bring specific equipment or look for an exact location which we may need to be prepared for before day of shooting.

Contact us to see full galleries of redwood weddings or visit our portfolio to view more of our work.

Mariel & Abe’s Wedding at Nestldown | Justin & Jayme’s Wedding at Armstrong Forest




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