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Parker & Moni

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Parker and Monica are not only a sweet couple but a perfect pair.  It is so sweet how they compliment one another and photographing them was so much fun. Salt flat bride and groom photos are a match made in heaven with the ethereal white background and secluded and romantic vibe.

Since moving to Utah we have a long list of locations we want to shoot in.  We have done a few shoots at the Salt Flats but dreamed up this shoot for a while.  We were so happy to work with Chantel Lauren Designs because this dress was exactly what we imaged in the pink salt flats. This location is unique because of the red algae at this part of the Salt Lake that turns the salt light pink. The ethereal white of the salt seems to go on forever up against the mountains in the distance. Standing on the salt is the oddest experience because it looks like snow and you expect to sink down into it.  Instead it is hard and crunches under your feet.

I fall in love with Utah more and more each season, but I feel like we will never get through all the locations we want to photograph.  This has been our year of having fun with photography again.  We have always loved photography and taking portraits, but we have been taking time to think about the images we really want to create and making the time to do it.  Mike has been out photographing nature and creating his art more than ever before and this shoot is the combination of our work and love of art.

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