Andrew & Tara | New York Engagement

We loved Andrew and Tara’s idea to have a more intimate lifestyle engagement session in their apartment in Jersey City.  Once they started to tell us about some of their hobbies and day to day activities we knew this would be an amazing shoot.  They both love to read and with Tara working as a book editor and Andrew finishing his masters in literature, it was evident books would be involved.  Tara and Andrew are so affectionate to one another and had some awesome ideas for their lifestyle engagement session. Their shoot is a little story about their life together right now and we love that. Andrew grinds and brews his own coffee and while Tara does not drink it, she was a good sport to hold a cup with him and relax on the couch. They live near the waterfront in Jersey City which has a gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline. Even though it was nice and cold, we were very lucky it was not raining.  Even if it had rained, they would have been holding onto each other and just as adorable.  They will be getting married in Arizona and we are so excited to be a part of their day. New_York_engagement_photographer_0001 New_York_engagement_photographer_0002 New_York_engagement_photographer_0003 New_York_engagement_photographer_0004 New_York_engagement_photographer_0005 New_York_engagement_photographer_0006 New_York_engagement_photographer_0007 New_York_engagement_photographer_0008 New_York_engagement_photographer_0009 New_York_engagement_photographer_0010 New_York_engagement_photographer_0011 New_York_engagement_photographer_0012 New_York_engagement_photographer_0013 New_York_engagement_photographer_0014 New_York_engagement_photographer_0015 New_York_engagement_photographer_0016 New_York_engagement_photographer_0017 New_York_engagement_photographer_0018 New_York_engagement_photographer_0019 New_York_engagement_photographer_0020 New_York_engagement_photographer_0028 New_York_engagement_photographer_0031 New_York_engagement_photographer_0032 New_York_engagement_photographer_0037 New_York_engagement_photographer_0038

Photos shot with digital and Mamiya 645 AFDii 80mm 1.9 with Fuji 400h


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