Evan & Christine

Blue Sky Ranch Utah Summer Wedding

I am not much of a writer normally when it comes to blogging but with Evan and Christine’s wedding I feel like I could write a ton. This wedding was extremely memorable for me and one of the best events I have had the pleasure of working at. Going through these photos brought back so many memories. First off, this is one of the few times in our professional careers that Mike and I did not photograph a wedding together when we were contracted too because we very quickly and somewhat unexpectedly adopted a baby boy. This required one of us to stay with him in AZ until the adoption paperwork cleared and so I got an amazing photographer friend to shoot with me instead. Evan and Christine were so happy for us and not upset at all for the substitute which was a huge relief and made me love them even more.

All weddings are happy events but there are certain ones when everyone seems to be beaming. This we know is in part from Michelle Leo being the planner because the event was not only gorgeous but everyone was able to really enjoy the day and let her and her team make everything perfect. Everyone was just overjoyed that day and so happy to be together. They had guests travel from all over the world to be there it was such a happy day.

It was a Jewish/Chinese ceremony which was a blast. I love photographing weddings with traditions and it was fun to see how they combined the two. Like Christine had a beautiful custom red dress made for the ceremony and they signed a artistic ketubah before the ceremony.

Now on to Christine and Evan, what an amazing couple. Not only are they extremely accomplished individuals they are also the coolest couple. I could seriously go on and on about the food and the toasts I heard but really it all comes down to how much I love doing what I do and getting to capture important moments in people’s lives. Thanks for having me Christine and Evan!

Wedding Venue Blue Sky Utah| Event Planner Michelle Leo | Floral Five Penny | Culinary Crafts


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