Haley & Max | Antelope Island

Antelope Island Engagement sessionantelope-island-engagment-session_0002Antelope Island Engagement session by Brushfireantelope-island-engagment-session_0010antelope-island-engagment-session_0015antelope-island-engagment-session_0003antelope-island-engagment-session_0006antelope-island-engagment-session_0016antelope-island-engagment-session_0001antelope-island-engagment-session_0005antelope-island-engagment-session_0011antelope-island-engagment-session_0018antelope-island-engagment-session_0014antelope-island-engagment-session_0020antelope-island-engagment-session_0017antelope-island-engagment-session_0022

This Antelope Island engagement session with Max and Haley was featured on Utah Bride and Groom Magazine. Max and Haley were so much fun to photograph and were up for exploring and shooting anywhere.  We love when we have the opportunity to work with happy couples and photograph them in beautiful landscapes.


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